Introducing our Award winning bumper wraps

To win a coveted Health and Safety award for our bumper wraps was a massive surprise and a great accolade.

We love bumper wraps so much we decided to enter them into the Best Baby Gear and Toddler award.

The testing is very rigorous and of course is tested by babies and mums, so we were ecstatic that we had won Gold …..!!

So if you dont know anything about bumper wraps , then try them out, they come in a pack of 8, they simply wrap around the bars of your cot or cot bed and fasten with velcro and voila!

Not only do they look fab in the cot and really bring it to life they protect little one from bumps on the bars, allow airflow to pass through the bars , and heres the kicker… they are less expensive than a traditional bumper.

So go on take a look at the bumper bar collection, you will be converted 🙂




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